Quick Start to Mastering Online Meetings

Easy Ways to Improve Virtual Meetings Right Away

Benefits: Don’t just throw together a virtual meeting. There is a lot more to it than just turning on the software. This course provides a quick start to better online meetings.

For the organization. The better your leaders are at running effective meetings, the more you will witness,

For you. The more effective you are at running meetings, the more,

What This Workshop is About

Too many meetings? Endless discussion? Chronic lack of agreement? With the growing number of virtual meetings, resolving these challenges means getting more work done. The course is fun, fast-paced, interactive, practical, and includes downloadable resources of tips, templates, and more.

Virtual meetings are a permanent part of our lives. Make them productive with this no-fluff, short course on creating effective online meetings. In this 2+30+30 Course, Mike provides,

2 Hours:  This is a 2-hour webinar on designing and leading virtual meetings that are designed to produce a product, not just talk about it.

30 Minutes:  It includes a 30-minute Q&A on your specific challenges.

30 Minutes:  And it includes a 30-minute one-to-one consultation for each student at a time convenient for them.

Who is this Course For?

Facilitators, team leaders, managers, section chiefs—anyone who has the responsibility to lead virtual meetings that move past just talking to produce a concrete work product.

What is Unique in this Course?

This webinar-based course is about creating meetings designed to produce a concrete, actionable product. We cover “How to…” implementation steps but do so in rapid-fire so this course is a convenient but effective way to get started creating better virtual meetings. People are busy. If they are just getting started leading online meetings this course is a good way to begin. But don’t let the “Quick Start” in the name put you off. After participating a student will be able to combine the tips we teach with our handouts to design and then lead an effective meeting—one that produces a concrete product. A good short course provides just-in-time learning which is what we do with this webinar and follow-up coaching.


You will learn how to efficiently evaluate meeting performance with a free online tool for you to use.