PDQ Project Planning

Build Stronger Projects with Simple Tools and Techniques


It takes time and money to manage a project—planning makes sure these are well spent.   It takes monitoring and responsiveness to manage a project—planning makes sure mid-course corrections can be made quickly.   It takes teamwork to manage a project—planning makes sure the right team is in place and pulling together.   It takes leadership to manage a project—planning makes sure you are recognized as the person who can bring projects in on time, on budget, on target, and, in so doing, build your reputation.

What This Workshop is About

Project planning is the engine that moves any good idea forward.  Winston Churchill once said, “Those who plan do better than those who do not plan, even though they rarely stick to their plan.”  So, project planning is also the way to manage the unexpected events that always crop.  

Project management is not rocket science, yet it often gets dressed up that way.  At its foundation it is basic organizational skills that, come to think of it, are often absent.  Project planning is just a set of tools – a roadmap that enables managers to guide a project from Point A to Point B and do so effectively (by doing the right things) and efficiently (by doing things right).

This course covers,

Who is this Course For?

Team leaders, program managers, and executives – anyone who supervises or is accountable for bringing together a project and then making sure it produces a result.  If you do the ‘hands-on’ project management or if you supervise others who do this work, this course will help.

What is Unique in this Course?

This hands-on workshop teaches immediately applicable tools, templates, and proven practices to plan real-world projects. 

We consider how successful project management combines tools that support decision making with a set of ‘soft skills’ that are about how to get people to effectively work together.