Introduction to Mastering Online Meetings

Online Meetings Are Hard, But You Can Do Something About It!

Do not judge the quality of a meeting by its length. Judge it by its depth of achievement. ~ Michael Fraidenburg


Being able to meet virtually with anyone around the world is incredible. It is clear that the way we work has forever changed to more online meetings. But virtual meetings aren’t measuring up to productivity needs.

Employers are looking for leaders who can get people to work together, even if these people are dispersed. Creating successful online meetings is a leadership skill that is climbing in importance. But, successful online meetings are more difficult than face-to-face meetings.

The goal for this course is to help you experience less stress, get more work done, and be recognized as a skilled leader because you can make virtual meetings work.

As a skilled online meeting leader, you can help your organization strengthen team building and create productive meetings despite the distance that separates people in the online ‘meeting room.’

A good online meeting is not an accident. It is a conscious process of design and leadership using Internet tools.

What This Workshop is About

We cover how to design online meetings that overcome the special challenges they present. The core teaching points in this course are good planning and leadership skills and tying these to technology applications. 

We look at how to host successful online meetings with the four components of a working meeting: sharing information, generating ideas, evaluating options, and making firm decisions.

And we examine how to deal with the special challenges of online meetings and with problem behaviors.

This course covers how to,

Who is this Course For?

Facilitators who need to add online meeting facilitation to their toolkit.  Professionals who lead meetings with offsite participants.  Problem solvers who need to get everyone ‘on the same page.’  Supervisors, managers, and project managers are responsible for teamwork when the team can’t meet at the same location.  Citizen participation practitioners who want to add online public involvement to their practice.

What is Unique in this Course?

Use this course to build your next meeting.  

We present this course in three segments using practical, “How to…” tools and techniques. Each segment of the course builds to the next in a sequence for planning a meeting. Because there are between-class exercises this course is a perfect tool for designing your next meeting.

This is a webinar-based course where you learn how to adapt face-to-face meeting management techniques with appropriate online technology to,