Turn Meetings that are Work into Meetings that Do Work

Be Recognized as a Leader Because You Can Make Online Meetings Work

❝  Time is the most valuable resource in a meeting. Don’t waste it. ~ Michael Fraidenburg

Considering how much time we spend in online meetings, figuring out how to make them better is a good investment.  We help busy professionals save time and deal with complex issues through engaging and productive meeting management.

But there is another reason we find this work energizing. Leading a successful one-off meeting is rewarding.  But leading a meeting that sets people up to create success after we leave is immensely rewarding. 

We succeed if we help you succeed.

Facilitating  And Mediation

You get extra value when we facilitate your meetings. Because we are also mediators, you automatically gain expertise in conflict resolution should it be needed.

Before the meeting, we spend considerable time with you defining the deliverables that are needed. We continue working with you to design a facilitation approach tailored to your specific needs. From that work, we create a detailed agenda to meet those needs.

During the meeting, we moderate the discussion to ensure that participation is robust and that your meeting does not get side-tracked, bogged down, or dominated by strong personalities.  And we focus participants to produce a concrete, actionable decision.


When you want to transfer skills to larger segments of your workforce, we provide training. We use a Tell>Show>Do>Teach-Back model that creates participant-centered curricula and interactive teaching.  We provide ‘How-to…’ workshops on an array of meeting management and other ‘soft’ skills that are needed to get work done in today’s complex work environment.

Keynote Speaking

When you need to motivate your staff so they rise to the challenges your organization faces we can deliver engaging, motivating, and practical presentations. Our most popular keynotes include topics such as working with people who are upset, collaboration and cooperation skills to get what you want and preserve working relationships at the same time, communication skills to persuade, and, of course, many Mastering Online Meetings topics.


Stop AGONIZING about crummy meetings.  We have a very practical focus in our coaching.  First, we work with you to diagnose the obstacles you are facing.  And second, together we craft a prescription to fix those issues.  Meetings should be fun, engaging, and aimed at creating work products you can use. We’ll coach you on how.


Complimentary Coaching Session with Michael Fraidenburg, Master Facilitator and Certified Mediator

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