About Michael Fraidenburg

I’m the author of Mastering Online Meetings and the owner of The Cooperation Company, a firm that helps people transform conflict into cooperation.

Writing this book supports my belief that it takes cooperation to truly cause change in today’s complex world.  I am devoting this, my third career, to support progressive ideas, institutions, leadership, and management practices to foster positive change toward cooperation.  I am grateful to the many inspiring people in my life who, in their own way, share that commitment and helped me formulate the approach I am taking to this work.

Are you ready to improve your online meetings?

Every meeting is a chance to write a new future.

~ Mike Fraidenburg

Meeting management as a way to fulfill this goal may seem mundane and dull. Yet, considering how much time we spend in meetings, it is a shame to waste that time. James Clear, author of Atomic Habits: an Easy & Proven Way to build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones, makes a good case that real, positive change occurs as a result of the accumulation of many small steps. Learning the skill (and art) of designing and leading effective meetings is one of those small accomplishments that can leverage cooperation and collaborations into larger positive change. That seems a worthwhile goal in its own right.

But there is another reason why I find leading productive meetings energizing. It is my chance to help people help themselves. When helping others create successful meetings the key question I ask myself is, “How will my leading their meeting help influence their future?” Leading a one-off, successful meeting is rewarding. But leading a meeting that sets people up to create their own successes after I leave is immensely rewarding. This question pervades my consulting and teaching because, if I really want to help, my goal should reach beyond alleviating their current problem. Instead, I should address their future needs as well deal with the current issue. This book, like my other work, is intended to make other meeting leaders independent and successful in their own right by using simple solutions appropriate for the ever-growing number of online meetings we are attending.

I don’t claim to have all the answers and I still have a lot to learn, but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so far. If you’re ready to learn how to Master Online Meetings and get things done by doing so, write me an email and let's start our personal collaboration unraveling a new set of best management practices for online meetings. I look forward to learning from you.