Keynote Speaking on Management Effectiveness

For Today’s Busy Professionals Who Have to Learn More, Faster Just to Keep Up!

It's not good enough to be right you also have to be effective. ~ Michael Fraidenburg

So, here’s the challenge.  If it takes too long to deliver a presentation or, if the information is not practical, the audience tunes out.  

But, if you don’t provide the learning, people will not gain valuable skills.  

The solution?  Provide a highly focused presentation that is a single piece of useable, “How to…” advice targeted to the audience’s specific need.  

That’s what we provide in our keynote presentations.  Programs that are light on minutes but heavy on content.

Today’s learners prefer bite-sized learning to longer courses.  They have good reasons—limited free time and too many demands for that time. They want to learn in bite-sized chunks—at their place, at their pace, and at the time they need it.  An apt analogy is searching YouTube® for a video on plumbing.  Few of us allocate time to study how to be a DYI plumber.  But, when there is a leak, we want quick advice to handle that specific problem.  The solution?  A YouTube search for just-in-time learning.  

Today’s busy learner thinks in thin slices.  How to resolve one problem before having to move on to the next.  Our keynote presentations address this one-at-a-time and right-now need.  

Is a keynote presentation long enough?  Yes!  These presentations do not try to do more than we can promise, and the promise is to go narrow on the topic and deep enough to provide actionable solutions.  In these presentations, we avoid teaching a generic program for a generic audience.

Most Requested Presentations

Over the years, Mike’s students have complained about similar issues from their real-world work lives.  These persistent problems are the focus of Mike’s presentations,


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